You do not have a soul. You are a soul having an experience in a human body.

Life doesn’t come with an instruction manual. We don’t always know what to do or how to do it, especially when we:
– are facing a major life transition
– feel unprepared and/or ill equipped for whatever life challenges lie ahead
– experience a life-changing illness or dis-ease which turns life upside down and inside out
– receive what I refer to as an opportunity to course correct (also known as a kick in the ass wake-up call)
– experience a traumatic event that we can’t seem to move past
– have a near-death experience and need support navigating the post-death experience and using the experience as a catalyst for spiritual and personal growth
– are planning for your own or a loved one’s final transition

I offer intuitive energy healing, spiritual life coaching and ceremonies – all with the purpose of supporting you in navigating your way through this beautiful thing called Life – with greater ease, well-being and joy.


“When she transformed into a butterfly, the caterpillars spoke not of her beauty, but of her weirdness. They wanted her to change back into what she always had been. But she had wings.” – Dean Jackson

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