IMG_2077My name is Jennifer Britt. I have over 20+ years of specialized training in multiple healing methods and modalities, earned numerous certificates, and invested more than 25 years of my time, energy and resources into mastering my own personal, professional and spiritual development.

As a result, I have cultivated a completely customized synergistic synthesis of spiritual life coaching, intuitive energy healing, spiritual counseling, resilience psychology, neuroscience, intuitively guided somatic bodywork and a plethora of quantum & spiritual growth-accelerating practices that I use to help my clients heal from trauma, resolve long-standing issues that are blocking their happiness and fulfillment, come into greater alignment with their soul’s purpose, and craft a life that makes their heart and soul sing.

I don’t really fit into any one category of coach, therapist, healer, minister, psychic or intuitive counselor because I bring all of my skills to the table when working with clients. I select and use the appropriate ‘tools of transformation,’ with a high degree of specificity and accuracy, depending on where each client is in his or her journey.

My background and professional experience include:

  • Master Spiritual Teacher
  • Medical Intuitive, Intuitive Counselor & Energetic Intuitive Healing Practitioner – certified in numerous energetic / intuitive healing modalities and spiritual communication
  • Clairvoyant Channel / Medium / Spiritualist – In addition to being clairvoyant (able to “read energy”) I have also fully developed my entire intuitive and spiritual faculties. I see, sense, smell, hear, feel, and intuitively “know” what is normally beyond the normal five human senses. I am also able to channel energy both in spoken messages and vibrational frequency through my body to whomever I am working with (even at a distance) so that you benefit from the vibrational frequencies in a body-felt way.
  • Soul Seer – I see who you are as a soul, your lessons and agreements, who you are and what you are here to contribute (what you might call your purpose)
  • Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner – Global Sciences Foundation
  • Certified Professional Coach – Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching
  • Interfaith Minister – School of Peace
    Ordained by the Colorado Interfaith Seminary, I specialize in teaching transformational spiritual principles, spiritual healing and counseling, officiating ceremonies & holding sacred space for your deep personal and spiritual transformation
  • Somatic Bodywork Practitioner
  • Licensed Massage Therapist – trained in a number of modalities I specialize in offering an intuitive integrative approach, guided by your body’s inner wisdom
  • #1 Best-Selling Co-Author of Women Living Consciously Book II
  • Workshop / Retreat Facilitator
  • B.A. Communication, Regis University
  • Currently pursuing an MA in Counseling at Southwestern College, specializing in Grief, Trauma, Resilience

My intention is to provide you with expertise, tools, guidance and support to align your unique talents, skills and abilities with your Soul Purpose and craft a life that makes your heart and soul sing!

A client’s perspective: “Jennifer’s calm presence, deep clarity and intuitive insight, coupled with a warm (sometimes quirky) sense of humor and genuine love for you and your process, and her uncanny ability to cut through to the heart of what is calling for your attention is like nothing you have ever experienced before.

She will help you cut through the “noise” to your deepest truths while clearing unsupportive beliefs, habits, and  energy patterns which hold you back from living your true purpose and most authentic life — saving you time, energy and money.

By giving you tools and creating tailor-made strategies, you gain momentum which propels you forward, giving you the ability to make empowered choices and take decisive action in your life. All the while, Jennifer helps you to create a deeper connection with your own intuition and trust in your still, small voice.”

In addition to my qualifications and professional background, clients often ask how I found myself doing this work.

The short answer is that I began my own healing journey and spiritual awakening in 2001 following a ‘miraculous healing’ from a traumatic brain injury sustained in a car accident in 1999. As I began to heal I found myself understanding at a deep level that the myriad traumatic injuries and numerous near-death experiences I had throughout my lifetime had served a greater purpose – that of being the curriculum for my soul to learn the various lessons necessary for me to embody and express my purpose.

You see it’s one thing for a therapist or healer to learn a modality to help facilitate a movement toward healing without having direct first-hand experience of what dis-ease (any issue that creates lack of health in the bodymind complex) entails.

I have personally experienced birth trauma, abandonment, a vaccine induced childhood illness with long-term neurophysiological impairment, severe trauma-related PTSD, myriad childhood and adult injuries and traumatic experiences, natural disasters, car accidents, divorce, loss, grief and numerous near-death experiences.

During my own process of healing the layers of trauma, releasing subconscious and conscious limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviors, integrating healthy & supportive beliefs and behaviors, and learning numerous tools, therapies and modalities I have cultivated and mastered highly specialized skills and expertise in the field of human potential and transformation.

I would be honored to use my skills to serve you in healing from trauma, reclaiming your power, and coming into greater alignment with deep soul-satisfying purpose.

Request a 30-minute private complimentary session to explore how we might work together.

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