3D-Cover-300-1-resizedWomen Living Consciously Book II: Real Stories of Women Living on Purpose, with Passion, Empowered

Conscious living is a choice and a practice. In this book I share (along with 25 other courageous women who share their stories of transformation) the pivotal moment that changed my life forever.

On October 29, 1999 I died in a car accident…

Read the rest of the story…and strengthen your consciousness muscle with these stories of courage and hope.

Discover and align with the divine lessons and truths in this inspiring and life changing book

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Simplify Your Life Without Sacrificing What is Important to You

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Simplifying your life provides the space you need to rediscover the authentic voice of your heart and of your Soul. You will become more intentional, more purposeful and powerful, and your entire life will become a clear and direct reflection of your deepest values and desires in life.

The strategies I share in this E-book will help you re-prioritize your life around what is truly important to you, so that you have ample time, energy and resources to focus on cultivating what you truly enjoy.

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