Have you ever felt like there was a deeper “behind the scenes” reality, or wondered about things that the rational mind has difficulty explaining? If so, I invite you on a journey into your center, where you can explore your own innate Internal Guidance System, expand your concept of “reality” to include the multiple unseen dimensions which make up reality, and connect to the voice of your Soul.


Wonder what your “next steps” are?
Wonder if you’re on the “right” path?
Feel like you don’t fit in…
Desire clarity about your Path & Purpose…
Struggle with your spiritual identity (Who or What is YOUR Inner Authentic Self)?
Desire a deeper connection with, and clear guidance from, your Heart, Soul, Angels and Spirit Guides…
Want tools to develop your intuition, spiritual and healing abilities…

In this workshop series you will have the opportunity to explore, learn, and cultivate:
– What is intuition?
– Chakras and energy centers: what are they, how do we access them?
– Tools for self-healing and healing of others / healing of the planet
– Where does intuition come from?
– Why do some people seem intuitive and/ or “spiritual” and others don’t?
– How do we access intuition?
– How do we enhance it?
– How do we discern if it’s our intuition or our imagination or outside influence?
– How do we use it responsibly (in service to the Greater Good)?
– What are the applications for intuition and spiritual abilities?
– Temple of the Sacred Heart
– Communicate with your soul, angels & spirit guides

  • Cultivating Intuition & Spiritual Abilities workshop is designed to help you explore and cultivate your Internal Guidance System and Spiritual Abilities.
  • Class is designed for each person’s needs and experience.
  • No previous experience or training necessary.

– Classes are designed for each person’s needs and experience
– No previous experience or training necessary
– 2016 Dates: To Be Determined
Albert Einstein intuition 2“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.
We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”  
Albert Einstein

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