*Don’t push that river, let the river move you along…

How many times have you initiated something and then gotten impatient waiting for it to unfold?

As spirits having human experiences we exist simultaneously as infinite beings and a part of us also operates in the dense polarity of cause and effect. Third dimension inherently contains a time delay, which can feel incredibly frustrating to the expansive part of us living in the consciousness of oneness.

You might feel tempted to push and shove in order to force an opening. Create change. Magnify momentum. Get things rolling.

Instead of moving things along faster pushing tends to have the opposite effect. Everything lurches to a halt because the universe reads your impatience and pushing as ‘what you want to experience more of.’

So it gives you something to push against.

Pushing stems from lack of faith and trust. Faith that the universe hears your intention. Trust that it’s working on your behalf to rearrange the adamantine particles of the farthest reaches of the universe to bring your desire into manifest form.

Thus, the time delay.

I can personally attest to the fact that pushing feels like you’re rolling a boulder up Mt. Everest. It’s exhausting. And, it doesn’t work because you never reach the summit because you can’t see where you’re going with that big boulder in front of you.

Alternatively, clarity about your desired outcome is of paramount importance, followed by knowing your why. It’s great to know what you want to do, be, have, experience, express and contribute. But without knowing why your desire will lack the fuel to maintain momentum throughout the creation of your desire.

Your why reaches beyond logic into the field of emotions, which create a magnetic field of attraction between you and your heart’s desire. The universe operates on magnetism, and it’s responding in every moment – not to your what, but to your why.

After you get clear on your what and your why, focus your energy on acting ‘as if’ your desire has already manifested. I know it seems silly. Your mind probably even has a few things to say about this, such as “This is B.S. It doesn’t work. I know. I tried it before. I know my life isn’t such and such.

I’m not saying to pretend that something has happened that hasn’t. I am saying to try the experience on. Feel into in the vibration of your intention and live as though it’s already in your experience.

And then let go.

This is like sending your dream an invitation. Once you put an invitation in the mail you don’t sit and fret about whether or not it will reach its intended destination do you? Same goes for your desires and heartfelt wishes. Send them out and let them go, knowing an answer is forthcoming.

Make room in your life and allow the universe to deliver. Trust that the universe is acting on your behalf.

Be grateful for the time delay, as it allows you to make minor course corrections along the way. Move through any challenges that come up, as they merely point to outdated beliefs that are ready to be updated, wounds that are ready to be healed. Rest in the embrace of the beloved, and know that all is well.

*Light as a feather when you’re homeward bound…
*lyrics from Elephant Revival’s Home in Your Heart

“Faith is the bird that feels the light and sings when the dawn is still dark.” – Rabindranath Tagore

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