intuitionFrom its latin roots ‘intueri’, Intuition means “in to you” or “to look inside,” which provides a simple answer to “What is intuition?”

Some people refer to intuition as a sixth sense, others call it ‘gut feeling’, and others may relate to it as their ‘inner voice’ or Higher Self. Whichever way you choose to resonate with it, I personally like the word intuition because it has a ‘sheer’ feel to it. You can’t really attach any type of esoteric, occult or mystical connotation to it, which is still today a reason for many to create a default attitude to skepticism. The word intuition has its own integrity. It is there and it is available all the time, it doesn’t interfere or demand anything from us, unless we ask for guidance.

Intuition is nothing really extraordinary or paranormal. I believe that every human being is born with this ability and that like anything else in life, Intuition gets clearer and sharper if trained with ongoing practice and awareness. It is an extra muscle that is available to us and that can be incredibly useful in our day to day life.

All of us have within ourselves answers and knowledge that we can access and rely on at any given moment. I think of intuition like a radio. There are several stations available to listen to and at any given time it’s your choice what “station” you dial in and listen to.

In my experience, intuition is an incredible resource. It is an ability to get direct understanding and insight about something, situations or people, without the need to involve the mental and rational side of who we are.

Intuition is an ‘instinctive knowing’, which can be experienced in many ways by each individual, rather than something that you can easily classify in a box and attach an objective meaning on it.

15 years ago a conversation about intuition often invited thinly veiled discomfort, sometimes distrust. People were quick to share their perceptions that intuition was quacky or woo-woo. Some thought it was dangerous (akin to witchcraft and devilry).

Only a handful of people admitted that they had an intuitive family member (most often a grandmother), or that they felt intuitive and often received gut instincts or knew things they couldn’t possibly know logically, but they felt apprehension talking about it for fear of public shame or ridicule.

Today, intuition is more widely accepted, discredited less often, and embraced by many people in a number of professions from all walks of life. It’s discussed openly instead of in whispers, and it is embraced not only by holistic health practitioners, but also by scientists, physicists, law enforcement officers, attorneys, executives, business leaders, healthcare professionals, physicians and surgeons.

Scientists rely heavily on data that can be qualitatively and quantitatively proven. However, science is on the brink of a new era – that of consciousness – and is beginning to study intuition as a quantifiable, measurable phenomenon. Law enforcement officers are trained to tune into their intuition and couple it with awareness and training. Business executives and leaders share that their best decisions arise when they follow their intuition. There are a plethora of stories about physicians and surgeons saving lives as a result of following their intuition.

Despite its increasing acceptance there still seems to be a lot of mystery surrounding intuition. Some people know they have it, but they don’t know how to use it with reliability and consistency. They don’t know how to harness it, or tell the difference between the ‘voice in their head’ and true intuition.

Intuition isn’t something reserved for a special few. It’s a faculty each person is born with. Yet, because modern society tends to value logic over intuition, many of us grow up learning to solve problems solely by logical inductive or deductive reasoning. Receiving information via intuition just isn’t accepted in the classroom. And just like a muscle that isn’t exercised, intuition that isn’t used eventually atrophies and fades into the background.

The good news is that intuition can be restored with just a little practice, regular use and learning how to use it correctly so that you gain reliable consistent results. The even better news is that I’m offering a 6-week webinar workshop designed to help you identify the ways you access your intuition, and then practice building your intuitive skills so that you feel confident in your ability to listen and respond when you receive information.

If you…

  • wonder about things that your rational mind has difficulty explaining, like thinking of a friend you haven’t heard from in several months just before the phone rings (guess who is on the other end of the line)
  • have sudden flashes of insight or “know” things that you can’t explain
  • would like to learn how to harness your intuition and gain reliable consistent information that can be used to make better decisions in areas like business, career, finances, relationships and health
  • wonder what your “next steps” are (career, relationships, finances)
  • wonder if you’re on the “right” path
  • feel like you should “know” something but can’t figure out what it is
  • desire clarity about your path & purpose
  • struggle with your spiritual identity (Who or What is YOUR Inner Authentic Self?)
  • desire a deeper connection with, and clear guidance from, your intuition
  • want tools to develop your intuition and spiritual abilities
  • want to connect with Spirit Guides & Angels

I’m offering a class just for you! Click here for registration details.

“You have to become very still and listen while your inner voice – the very essence of you – tells you who you are. You’ll know you’ve found it when every cell in your body practically vibrates; when you’re filled up by what you’re doing instead of being drained by it.” ~ Oprah Winfrey


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