If you’ve been trying to be a frog when you’re really a swan, chances are you feel depleted, unfulfilled, inauthentic, and exhausted. It’s tough trying to develop strong jumping haunches, stick out your tongue and catch flies, and ribbit like all the other frogs around when all you want to do is glide peacefully on the still waters, or spread your wings and fly to where your tribe and purpose reside, and trumpet joyfully back and forth among all your friends.

Be honest with yourself

It’s time to stop trying to jump, croak and catch flies, and instead allow yourself to soar gracefully – whether on the water or in the air. That means you must be honest with yourself. Where are you trying to fit in and be accepted, when it’s clear that your efforts would yield bounteous fruits elsewhere (even if you don’t yet know where ‘elsewhere’ is)?

I know it’s tough when you first begin to believe that you are, in fact, a swan and not a frog, to find things you appreciate – even love – about yourself. And if you don’t feel safe or *ready* to do this exercise it’s a clear sign that it’s high time to do so.

So get out your pen, pencil, quill or preferred writing utensil and a notebook. If you’ve been reading my posts you should have a good journal going by now.

Start with something easy. When I first did this exercise several years ago the only thing I could find about myself that I appreciated was my toes. Over the years, I’ve grown to love (even adore) myself. But it didn’t start that way, so I understand if this feels scary or challenging for you.

But it must be done.

Every day for an entire month (because it takes 21 days to establish new thought patterns and habits, so I’m challenging you to extend it to 30) you must find one new thing you appreciate about yourself. It can be the way you pinch your pie crusts better than your grandma, whose pies are legendary in your family. It can be how your eyes crinkle up at the corners and light up when you’re really happy. It can be how you’re able to say just the right thing when someone you know is having a tough day. It can be that your nose and freckles are rather adorable, thank you very much. Or that your curly unruly hair is truly amazing. Or that your smile lights up the entire room when you walk in, or that your presence makes people feel peaceful and at ease around you. It can be that you know how to rally and wrangle a room full of elementary age kids.

It can be a skill you have, a quality you’ve cultivated, a talent, or something about your body, your intelligence, or anything you choose.
But you must select one new thing each day for 30 days, and then fully feel into the feelings of appreciation, love, adoration until every cell in your body is vibrating with drippy, melty buttery feel-good joy for an entire minute (five is better) each and every day.

This will go a long way toward helping you to stop pouring your energy into things that continue to make you feel like a misfit, like there’s something wrong with you or that you’re somehow lacking. Instead, your inner swan will begin to redirect your energy toward things that deeply feed and nourish your heart and soul – things that perpetuate the feeling of drippy melty feel-good buttery joy.

To your freedom,

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