You know the excitement that you feel at the beginning of embarking on something new? Whether it’s the anticipation of taking a trip to a country you’ve never visited before, welcoming a new family member, planning and preparing for your upcoming wedding or other life transition ceremony, starting a new and much sought after career path, or any other bright and shiny new ‘something’ that you’re looking forward to, there’s always a sense of adventure and excitement.

But what about the ‘between?’

You know, that space where you’ve made the decision but nothing has happened yet, and you feel like you’re dead in the water?
  • The decision has been made to go to college…and then you wait for your first day of classes.
  • Or, you’ve finished your classes…and now you’re waiting for the graduation ceremony.
  • You’ve sent out the resumes and have landed your dream job. You’ve given your two week notice…and now you’re between the old job and the new.
  • You’ve said “Yes” to the love of your life. The venue, caterer, and florist are booked, dress chosen…and now you’re between being single and married.
  • You’ve decided to stop putting off your dream safari vacation on the plains of Africa. Flights, hotels and guides have been booked, adventures scheduled…and then you wait…for what feels like forever. Until…the day finally arrives when your flight takes off for new and exotic lands.
Forever changing your identity from the person who…
  • is now a college student
  • had a crappy job and landed the job of your dreams
  • was single and will soon be married
  • never went to Africa, to “Why yes, I went on safari and it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.
Change creates movement in your life. It doesn’t matter whether you rearrange the furniture or move to a new state. When you initiate change the entire universe reconfigures to accommodate your intention.

As I’ve initiated a new path in my own life in the last 6 months I’m keenly aware these days of that ‘between’ space. It’s uncomfortable. I feel stuck. Like I can see the new path. Just there. But it’s ‘there’ and I’m ‘here.’ I remind myself frequently that feeling stuck is just a perception, because in reality I’m tuned in to the fact that there’s a lot going on behind the scenes that hasn’t yet materialized in the outer planes of my life.

Any time we initiate change the universe uses our vision as the foundation. And when we keep our attention on our intention the universe complies by lining up everything we need to make the transition as smooth, graceful and enjoyable as possible.

Serendipitous meetings occur where we’re introduced to just the right person who helps us find the most *amazing* place to live, who also connects us with our next perfect-for-us job. And the job connects us with people who feel like family, who help us navigate our way around and find the best coffee shops, yoga classes and art workshops in town. We’ve found our tribe! You get the idea.

The ‘between’ is like the chrysalis that will one day emerge as a beautiful butterfly. There is a period of dormancy, where nothing appears to be happening. However, we know that the butterfly is transforming on all levels from a fat-inching-along-the-branches caterpillar to a jewel-toned winged creature of immense beauty.

The ‘between’ gifts us opportunities to grow into the version of ourselves we are in the process of becoming. It also affords us space and time to tie up loose ends. Finish projects. Perfect our vision. Change details, if needed. Wrap current circumstances up and put bows on them. Close the chapter, finish the book and begin a new one.

Fresh pages, never before written upon await you. Until then, give gratitude for the present that is so beautifully unfolding into your future. Enjoy the stillness of letting things unfold in grace and perfect timing. And rest in the spacious peace of knowing that all is well.

To your freedom,

“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.” – Maya Angelou

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