I’ve experienced several rather beautiful, heart & soul expanding experiences this week, so it’s no surprise that during this morning’s meditation I found myself contemplating receiving, appreciation and gratitude.

One example I’m sure you can relate to: Sunday evening I met a girlfriend for a glass of wine and connecting. As we were winding down and the check came she reached for the tab. As we parted ways I gratefully told my friend, “My treat next time.”

On the surface, talking over a glass of wine and her picking up the tab may seem like a trivial thing. But there’s a teaching moment here so I’d like to take you deeper.

Imagine going to your favorite restaurant and meeting someone you are really looking forward to connecting with, catching up, having a glass of wine, beer or a delicious meal together. You arrive, shake hands or hug, share some small talk about the drive over or whatever it is you chat about while looking over the menu. Once the drinks and food are ordered you focus on the connection, which is why you’re there in the first place.

Now, allow the energy of your friend’s presence and soul essence to fill your entire being. Allow the light and love emanating from their eyes and smile to fill your heart and all the cells in your body. Allow the essence of the drink, meal and conversation to fill and nourish your entire being. When the check comes and your friend reaches to pick up the tab allow their gift of generosity to fill your entire being. Notice how nourished, nurtured, relaxed and happy you feel. See how your body and energy field have expanded. You feel filled with love, appreciation and gratitude.

The entire interaction with your friend has been a gift, and by showing up and receiving you have participated in one of life’s sacred dances – that of giving and receiving.

The love that now permeates you has expanded and changed you on all levels of your being. By opening yourself to receive love you become more than you were before through the process of alchemy. What now lives and grows within you is the love you take out into the world and share with others. You become the giver.

And it’s a never-ending dance. As you walk to your car after dinner with a smile on your face you pass a stranger. As you make eye contact, smile and say hello you give them a gift, which fills their being, which they in turn share with others they encounter on their path, becoming part of the great circle of love given and received all over the world.

The teaching moment is this: Receiving isn’t just about what you get from others in the form of material objects, although that is a component of receiving. Receiving is opening to the great mystery of life and taking great delight in everything you experience, allowing yourself to be filled and transformed as a result of each experience, and then sharing an expanded more refined version of yourself with others.

Beginning today I invite you to take great delight in the warmth of the sun and the gentle caress of the wind on your skin. Notice the profound joy you feel from the simplicity of that interaction and allow it to feed your body, mind and spirit. Instead of habitually looking away when someone smiles at you, allow yourself to meet their eyes and share an energetic soul exchange. Smile back and allow both giver and receiver to become one. As you hear birds sing, allow the grace of their song to permeate and fill your entire being. When you eat, allow the consciousness of the food, Gaia, and the love of all the hands and hearts whose energy went into picking, transporting, packing & preparing the food to fill and transform your entire being with love. Allow the beautiful tapestry of the sunrise and sunset to bathe your eyes with gentle light nutrients, which cleanse, purify and heal every cell in your body with light. Transformed, you then share the love from the sun and wind, the birds, the smile, Gaia, the food, and the sunrise and sunset with everyone and everything you encounter.

That which you focus your attention on expands because the universe reads your attention as an intention. So, the very act of receiving, appreciating and sharing opens you to receive even more to appreciate. As you delight and express gratitude for the gifts life offers you in each moment, the universe says, “Oh, she is open to receiving and appreciates it.  We’ll give her even more to appreciate.”

To your freedom,

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