As we slowly descend into the heart of winter’s dark silent embrace Mother Nature invites us to slow down. To return to our center. To breathe. To ground ourselves. To rest deeply. To nourish our bodies, minds & spirits. To take stock of the year we’ve just lived, and begin dreaming anew for the next.

In this profound silence you are invited to listen deeply to the voice of your heart and the song of your soul. What does your heart whisper to you in daydreams and night dreams? What magical experiences is your soul urging you to create and experience in the coming year?

  • What were some of your breakthroughs for 2016?
  • What are you proud of?
  • What did you overcome?
  • What did you accomplish or achieve?
  • What haven’t you (yet) given yourself credit for?
  • What nourished and nurtured you?
  • What (or whom) do you need to let go of, surrender to, release?
  • Where, or what, do you need to adjust?
  • What depletes you?
  • Where, when, and with whom did you feel most alive?
  • What has served its purpose and is ready to die – in you and in your life – to make room for something new and beautiful?
  • What is overdue for a major overhaul?

Winter Solstice is just around the corner and with it the return of the light. Light to illuminate your dreams and your life.

What would you love to do, be, have, experience, express and contribute in the year 2017?
What seeds would you love to plant now to create a magnificent harvest in the years to come?

Year after year we make resolutions with great aspirations for what we want to accomplish and experience. We tell ourselves (and we really do mean it) that this is the year we’ll quit smoking, lose weight, quit our jobs and start our own business, go back to school, clean out the garage, take our dream vacation, change the way we parent. We vow to be kinder and gentler, more understanding with others, stand up for ourselves, be more assertive. We tell ourselves, with passion and intention, that THIS YEAR will be different.

Yet, most goals aren’t achieved. They’re still sitting there on the shelf. And year after year, they come back to you, asking to be given birth to. Why don’t you do what you set out to do?

It’s not because you’re not good enough, smart enough, talented enough, intelligent enough, deserving enough, not fill in the blank enough. It’s because you lack a clear vision, structure & support, and those pesky old belief systems of yours often get in the way, sabotaging your best efforts.

Think about it this way.

Who is more likely to succeed at getting fit, losing weight, and improving their health? Someone who joins a gym with no real plan other than working out like a maniac? Or someone who hires a health & fitness coach or a personal trainer? Pretty obvious there.

Most people know that they’re more likely to succeed if they work with an expert who can provide a solid foundation, guide them to their own authentic answers, encourage and support them in reaching their goals.

It’s no different with life goals. Studies show that folks who hire a coach are ten to twenty timesmore likely to succeed in reaching their goals than those who don’t.

Benefits of working with a life coach:

  • Identify, dismantle and release old belief systems and their accompanying behaviors
  • Clarity of purpose arising from your deeply held core values
  • Renewed sense of passion, aliveness and Self
  • Courage to step boldly into your most authentic life
  • Concrete action steps to anchor your new awareness
  • Accountability and support to help you recognize and maintain progress

Did you know that the dreams you hold dear to your heart are not only possible, but inevitable? Because you dreamed them they are YOURS to be, do, and have.

And I would be honored to help you achieve them! I love supporting my clients in achieve their dreams, goals & aspirations, both big and small, and I am inviting you to stop tolerating the job you hate, the extra weight, the chronic pain, the unresolved trauma. Make your dreams a priority instead of wishing they might happen “someday.”

Here are a few juicy morsels to look forward to when we work together.

Holiday SALE to help you make your dreams a reality.

Ignite Your Intution Workshop
 regularly $150 Holiday discount through December 30, 2016 for $125
And, because this class is more fun with friends, I am offering an additional ‘invite a friend discount’ where you AND your friend can register by December 30, 2016 and pay only $100 each.
* Contact me to register for ‘invite a friend discount.’
Registration closes January 7, 2017.

20% holiday discount on all coaching programs through January 31, 2017.
*Discovery session must be scheduled and begin coaching program in January.

2016 **Intuitive Energy Healing sessions
prepay for up to 6 sessions at the 2016 price (with an additional 10% holiday discount) before January 31, 2017.
*Sessions must be scheduled and used by June 30, 2017.

**During transformation there is a period of destruction in which you unravel the old while simultaneously building the new. A few weeks ago I alluded to some upcoming changes that I wasn’t yet ready to unveil. One of them is that I am restructuring the way in which I work with clients. I recognized that they were having HUGE transformations in their one-at-a-time intuitive energy healing sessions, and then really needing additional support while navigating the ‘between’ onion layers.
I began to see that one session at a time was actually limiting the progress and success that they could achieve.

The solution: Next year I will begin offering an Intuitive Energy Healing Program, which allows us to go deep, unravel the “onion layers” that present themselves, and give you my full supportfor the transformation that you desire and deserve.

How to pay for your holiday discounts:

– If you are registering for the Ignite Your Intuition workshop go to my website and click “Buy Now‘” and let me know whether you are attending the webinar or the live workshop.
– If you are inviting a friend, send me an email and tell me know how many attendees are registering, and whether you are registering for the Webinar or the Live workshop in Colorado Springs), and I will give you a total amount, payable via PayPal or Square, or you can send a check in the mail.
– If you are purchasing a coaching program, send me an email to schedule your complimentary 30-minute consultation, which allows us to explore how we fit as coach and client, gives you a taste of what coaching will be like, and explore which of the coaching programs is the best fit for you.
– If you are purchasing intuitive energy healing sessions at the 2016 rate plus 10% holiday discount send me an email letting me know how many sessions you would like and I’ll let send you an invoice, payalbe via PayPal or Square, or you can send a check in the mail.

Ready to get started? Contact me to schedule.

To your freedom,

“One winter morning I awoke to see magnificent lines of frost stretching across my window panes.  They seemed to rise with the sunshine and the bitter cold outside.  They looked like little miracles that had been formed in the dark of the night.  I watched them in sheer amazement and marveled that such beautiful forms could be born during such a winter-cold night.

Yet, as I pondered them I thought of how life is so like that.  We live our long, worn days in the shadows, in what often feels like barren, cold winter, so unaware of the miracles that are being created in our spirits.  It takes the sudden daylight, some unexpected surprise of life, to cause our gaze to look upon a simple, stunning growth that has happened quietly inside us.  Like frost designs on a winter window, they bring us beyond life’s fragmentation and remind us that we are not nearly as lost as we thought we were, that all the time we thought we were dead inside, beautiful things were being born in us.” – Joyce Rupp

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