“Jennifer respects each soul’s journey to be a sacred and individual experience to be lived to the fullest.  She is the teacher that will help your inner Self learn from your own intuition and expand on your natural talents so that you may grow into and/or reclaim your unique spirit and pass those gifts on to others; and so the circle of universal love and positive energy expands exponentially.  Ever patient and full of joy, she lives what she teaches and can be trusted to help you gently nurture yourself so that you may live your most authentic life.”
Jenni Driscoll, Las Vegas, NV

“When I first started working with Jennifer I was struggling with indecision, overwhelm, very low moods, underestimating and undervaluing myself, and I didn’t know what I wanted to do for a career. I was spending a lot of time volunteering and working as a temp, and trying to decide whether I wanted to go back to school to complete my degree, what type of job I might like, etc.

Jennifer has helped me gain clarity and confidence, find and express my authentic voice with confidence and power, and overcome a subconscious fear I had of standing up for myself with people in positions of authority. She’s also helped me love and value myself, reframe the way I think about myself and my worth, and understand that I really could live into my passion instead of working at a job I didn’t really like, for someone else who determined my value, work hours, pay, etc.

With Jennifer’s help I have been able to get to the root of what I am most passionate about – self love – which inspired me to create my own coaching business to help other women love themselves, and therefore attract more loving relationships into their lives.

I enjoyed Jennifer’s coaching style. She is completely authentic, powerful in a very kind and loving way, and I found I would get goosebumps when she spoke. I was completely blown away by how quickly things changed in the time we worked together. “

Alison LeKander, San Diego, CA

“I chose to hire Jennifer as my coach because I could feel the gentle nudge of the universe pushing me to step into the life that is waiting for me.  It was by no coincidence and in perfectly synchronized timing that my path crossed with Jennifer’s exactly when it did.

When I first started working with Jennifer I was struggling with Life! Who am I? Why am I here? Why do I keep feeling I am much more powerful than I am, yet diminishing myself? And why do I feel paralyzed with moving forward with my dreams?

Jennifer has helped me to identify and overcome my conscious and sub-conscious belief patterns and paradigms that were causing me to feel blocked in moving forward.  She walked with me through visualizing the life that is waiting for me to claim and she empowered me to trust myself, love myself, and most importantly, BE my most authentic self.  Jennifer always mirrored my most beautiful self back to me and assisted me in realizing my beauty, grace, light, and utmost potential.

I found Jennifer’s coaching style to be gently and gracefully nudging in a beautifully empowering and intuitively guided manner. If I were to describe Jennifer’s vibrational energy I would use the following words and/or phrases : Jovial, Authentic, intuitively guided, graceful, grounded.

With Jennifer’s help I have been able to see past the illusionary belief patterns that have been holding me back from claiming my power and innate limitlessness.  She helped me believe that staring me in my face is the most beautifully powerful, gracefully loving, vitally healthy, and uniquely gifted ME.”

Amy Nelson, Wisconsin

“Jennifer is supportive, positive and totally nonjudgmental and I felt totally at ease during our sessions together. Her approach was completely customized to my situation as she guided me to access my own intuition to identify the blockages that were holding me back, and to remove them. Although the experience was at times intense and emotional, I felt a deep healing followed by a sense of peace.

Jennifer is able to guide one to find one’s own meaningful answers rather than presenting a predetermined solution. Her sensitive and loving approach, together with the results achieved, make her a joy to work with.”

Illayne Mayson, Auburn, California

“I have worked with Jennifer for several years. She gracefully holds space for me in a nurturing, respectful manner while I work through whatever needs attention in order for me to become a better person. I think of Jennifer as the “Great Facilitator” since she helps me see the Divine within.

I would highly recommend Jennifer to anyone who wants to grow (in all aspects of life) and find their Purpose.”

Matt Miller, Colorado Springs, Colorado

“I discovered Jennifer from her LinkedIn profile, which  offered a free consultation, giving us  a chance to get acquainted first. Her website reflected a variety of life experiences and a broad worldview.

As a result of working with Jennifer I was able to achieve a tipping point in desire to start a business. I had to ask myself if I was wanting a hobby or a business, because my efforts were very unfocused. As a result of coaching with Jennifer I experienced supportive encouragement that was direct enough to help my thinking, but cautious not to provide formulas or solutions. Jennifer provided  accountability and follow-up that helped me gain traction and focus on my goal and approach. This helped me to make significant progress of gaining clarity.

Jennifer provided gentle suggestions and questions, surfacing my underlying desires, and helping me identify a foundation to reach my goals. I feel  that working with Jennifer helped me because I was also at a stage of expanding and evaluating my worldview and she was supportive and suggested reading materials very relevant to my search.

If you are a bit stuck with vague dreams and little plan on how to get there, I would recommend working with Jennifer, as she has the life evaluation skills to help you.”

Patrick Yanney, Colorado Springs, Colorado

“Jennifer is a mental barrier breaker.”

Scott Harvey, Colorado  Springs, Colorado

“Jennifer is a sincere practitioner, schooled in a variety of healing modalities and grounded in strong personal beliefs. I believe her to be of outstanding integrity, and feel that she has a deeply intuitive method of discerning the best approach to take with each client on any given day.”

Rev. Jo Dufton, Louisville, Indiana

“Jennifer is a graceful coach, full of passion and vibrant energy; with a big smile and charming spirit she is able to speak even to the most dormant heart. She has the natural talent of a spirit in love with life and committed to her ideals. Her enthusiasm to live is manifested by her willingness to serve. If you’re a dreamer, with great vision and desire to make your dreams come true, Jennifer will commit to your success and show you how to find your purpose and reach the height of your potential.”

Servando Navarro Cuervo, Mexico City, Mexico

“I worked with Jennifer as a coach to help me uncover some of the areas that were holding me back from my true potential while starting my own business. Jennifer’s intuitive ability to drive right to the heart of the issues was amazing. When we began working together, I was struggling with several areas and looking for clarity. Her ability to actively listen and hear my meaning behind my words allowed me to open up new possibilities within my business and drive impressive results. I highly recommend Jennifer as a coach.”

Brad Billingsley, Denver, Colorado

“Our first coaching session together was nicely helpful for me. I went into it feeling frantic about the chaos in my business. Halfway through the session, I felt as if I had a clear plan to start solving the problems. Not a solution, but a beginning. My problem perhaps has been that I’m trying to get everything done at once, rather than just find a beginning and get going.
Your style of coaching is one I really like. You speak peacefully, in a grounded way that conveys confidence. I didn’t get any sense of you having a “coaching agenda” to foist upon me. You didn’t push me, but you kept corralling me into summarizing and focusing. It was more useful than I had anticipated.
I was also glad to have someone knowledgeable to discuss my gluten intolerance situation with. You reminded me of some things I already knew but forgot, then you wove together some of my various situations into a recognizable picture, then you gave me some new facts about gluten intolerance symptoms and treatments. Overall, you just made a substantial difference in my thought patterns. Thanks so much!”

Bonnie Willow, Asheville, North Carolina
Intuitive Healer, Teacher, Speaker, Director of The School of Peace, and Author of Love, Light & Business, http://www.bonniewillow.com/

“Jennifer is a warm and nurturing guide and healer.  She has helped me to connect with myself and gain more awareness on many levels.  Her incredible intuitive gifts, easy warmth, and humor are equally matched with her deep understanding of the physical, emotional, and energetic components of true health and wellness. She uses this wisdom to create a unique experience in a comfortable and soothing environment.  I am deeply grateful for the insight I have gained through my work with Jennifer.”

Emily B. Lustig (Chavez), Certified Hypnotherapist, Colorado Springs, Colorado

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